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Consult, Engage & Deliver to CEO / CFO’s) – exclusively to large Conglomerates ((e2e)} with a professional personal touch

“An Effective accountancy firm runs by young and mature professionals”.

In an ever fast changing world filled with complex accounting regulations and tax legislations, it is surely a good thing to have some experts aside to provide you with constant and reliable advices on your business matters.

Musketeer-enterprises are a long established accountancy firm based in London. At Musketeer Enterprises, we have a team of dedicated young and mature professionals who are willing to offer you reliable and proactive support on accounting, auditing, advertising and management consulting issues.

Having over 25 years experience in the accounting profession, we have worked alongside many large conglomerates across many industrial sectors as well as public sectors. We have provided professional Accountancy/ Business Management Consultancy& Business Services worldwide to Her Majesty's, UK Central Government (Security Clearance), to the top 500 FTSE "Blue Chips", Millionaires Entrepreneurs, Private Equity (P/E), Prestige Names, Household brands. So whichever industry your business is in and whatever your business concerns are, we will always have the right people to handle with your case.

Whilst our primary focus is to provide professional accountancy services to large and high profiled conglomerates, occasionally, we do have the facilities to provide detailed services to small clients, like basic accounting, internal company settlement and general ledger, etc.

We are client focused and we are dedicated to deliver convenient first class business consulting and accountancy services to our clients. Once you have chosen to work with our company, all you need to do is to put you mind at rest, and we will do the rest for you.

Our areas of expertise: Consult, Engage & Deliver to Board (CEO, CFO)

At Musketeer-enterprises, our top priority is in group consolidation. However, we do have a tailored team of professionals who are willing to provide you with added value advice and support on every business matter you may have!

l   Speciality: Group consolidation Board Level Reports

l   Business Expansion & Start ups

l   Investor Relations

l   Financial & Strategic Planning

l   Crisis Management

l   Risk Management

l   Complex Business & Tax Issues 

l   Contracts & Procurements

l   Treasury

l   Corporate / Operational Finance

l   Mergers & Acquisitions

l   Auditing

l   Accounting

l   Staff Management & Development    

l   Program & Project Management (across platforms ERP/ BI)

l   Interim Management (Contract Personnel): We can supply fully trained and highly skilled Accountancy (Business Management) professionals on an interim basis for holiday and project cover on long and short-term assignments with immediate availability. 

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