Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Peak Performers

Musketeer is fully UK Compliant, and the Professional teams deployed are of the highest calibre to ensure all International Governance standards are met with resources to Consult , Engage , Deliver effectively & efficiently  in the Private & Public Sector (across sectors, markets, Industries) World Wide

Our Organisation Spirit & Company Moto “ All for One & One for ALL

As a Musketeer Professional;

1.)    Ensure All Clients are our First Concern

2.)    Use your professional judgement in the interests of Corporate Governance Companies and the Public

3.)    Show sincere respects for others

4.)    Develop your professional knowledge and competence (Knowledge Centre)

5.)    Be honest and trustworthy (Security clearance is sometimes needed when servicing Her Majesty’s / Royal Family’s / Central UK Government in time critical, time crucial, time sensitive periods).

6.)    Take responsibility for your working practices

7.)     Musketeer operates in a monitoring, command & control environment, ensuring all professionals are providing peak performance and the highest standards of quality service World Wide.

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